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From hauling essential construction materials to managing site debris, S&T Trucking is your trusted partner in logistics. With a steadfast commitment to safety, punctuality, and customer satisfaction, we ensure your project needs are met efficiently and effectively. Discover the difference experience makes with S&T Trucking—where your load is our priority.


We Provide Exceptional Solutions for Clients

At S&T Trucking, we bring nearly two decades of expertise in dump truck services to every job. Specializing in hauling materials and debris, we are dedicated to delivering dependable and timely solutions to our clients. Whether it's construction materials, demolition debris, or any other haulage needs, S&T Trucking is equipped to handle it all with the utmost professionalism. Discover how we can support your project today!


Material Hauling

Transport of sand, gravel, asphalt, and other construction materials.


Debris Removal

Efficient removal of construction and demolition debris, ensuring a clean and safe work site.


Tailored Solutions

Custom services designed to meet the specific requirements of your project.

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Materials We Haul

Comprehensive Material Haulage Solutions

Premium Aggregates Delivered Where You Need Them

Road Base

We can deliver high-quality road base, a critical mix of aggregates such as stone and sand, essential for building roads nationwide. This affordable solution ranges in size from nearly an inch to fine dust, designed to fully cover surface soil and support heavy vehicles uniformly. Comprising crushed concrete and stone screenings, our road base is suitable for various applications, from driveways to highways, ensuring you have the quality and quantity needed for your project.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is primarily used for construction and landscaping

since it is used to fill up holes and raise ground levels. For roadwork, it’s used to build up shoulders of roads to prevent erosion from rain and cars pulling over for various reasons as well as to prepare the ground for paving. For landscaping, it’s used to build pools and waterfalls. It’s also used to fill in dips to change the grade of the property.

Lime Rock

We can deliver lime rock for your next project—residential or commercial. As the most produced crushed rock globally, lime rock consists primarily of calcite and is a key aggregate in concrete, cement, and lime production. Ideal for road construction, foundations, and driveways due to its shape, our lime rock meets FDOT standard specifications and is available in various sizes. It’s an excellent FDOT-certified alternative to #57 stone.

Crushed Concrete

We can deliver crushed concrete, a sustainable and cost-effective material created from recycled concrete aggregates. Primarily used as a road base, it offers a significant environmental benefit by repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded. Lighter and easier to produce than virgin aggregate, crushed concrete is also an excellent base for patios and driveways. It may include other recycled materials like brick, hardcore, tarmac, and wood.

#57 Stone

We can deliver high-quality #57 Stone material primarily used as a finishing layer for roads and driveways. Favored by commercial contractors, it is also ideal for applications such as spillways, pipe bedding, top dressing, and retaining wall bases. This versatile material is designed to meet the demands of both strength and aesthetics, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of construction settings.


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